Pillowtop Mattress Pads

For the ultimate mattress enhancer, this pillowtop will soften even the hardest mattress or just simply make any mattress a sleep sanctuary. It has the luxurious look and feel of a pillow top with out the cost. More over, you can wash this pillow top if needed, as you can not wash a pillow top mattress.

“Instantly change the look and feel of your bed tonight”



  • Cotton cover 233 thread count
  • Contour pillowtop weave
  • Hollow fiber fill
  • Cotton skirt, elastic banding allows for little movement
  • Machine washable

King 87322900 8139   Double 87322900 5510
Queen 87322900 6142   Twin 87322900 3554
Double XL 87322900 5602      


Ultimate Mattress Pad

The Ultimate Mattress Pad is a combination of a Pillowtop Mattress Pad and a Waterproof Mattress Cover all in one.

The deluxe cotton pad with a cushioning layer of fine fill to add to your sleeping comfort. The upper layer also allows better air filtration to prevent heat buildup/perspiration.

The inside backing is a waterproof laminated terrycloth to ensure protection to your mattress investment.

This dual purpose pad-cover gives you both comfort and protection all in one.


  • Cotton Cover 233 thread count
  • Tight weave fill system, allows for fill distribution evenly
  • Hollow Fiber Fill
  • Expandable skirt, allows for little movement.
  • Machine Washable.