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"I’ve been battling many sleepless nights until RYT pillows came to my rescue. The pillows are so comfortable and I find that I fall asleep quicker now. No more tossing and turning trying to find the right spot on my pillow. I feel more refreshed in the morning knowing that I am getting a better nights sleep. Thank you for recommending these pillows."

Daniela Veneziale

"Hi Rosanna,

Just a note to let you know how terrific RYT bedding is, and  I don't think we could sleep without the fabulous mattress pad . Your pillow are wonderful!!! The whole bed is so great that we never want to get out of the bed. My husband and I are totally spoiled and we love it. I will never have any other brand of bedding. Thank you so much for being helpful and freindly on the phone. We will talk again."


"My husband & I recently visited the Gold Strike Casino and had the best night sleep while there. We noticed your name on a mattress pad and was wondering if you could tell us which one they use there. I notice you have a mattress pad as well as 2 pillow top pads. I do not believe that it was a pillow top, though I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated as well as purchasing options. Thank you!"

RYT Customer

"Hi Rosanna,

I’ve finally managed to climb out from under my wonderful new sheets and pillow top mattress pad! They are supreme and I find the mattress pad so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed! Thank you so much for assisting me to get a cheaper delivery option, I appreciate it so much.

Is there a on-line way to see what you ever put on sale or how can I find out? Now that I know the extremely good quality of your goods, I’m interested in anything else you’re clearing out.

Thanks again!"
Elaine in Victoria BC


What a fabulously comfortable mattress pad. Thanks for your help. And if you need my address or you just want to send me a bill on line, i'm happy to forward a check. Thanks. "

"Hi Rosanna,

I received the wonderful mattress pads. Thank you!! I really do appreciate your friendliness and professionalism, it is rare to find those qualities together anymore."
Susanne McEnery

"John, can you please give me Kosh's email address so I can thank him - I am loving the pillow-top and will bring it up at the upcoming Western ROC."
Paulette Decourcy
Howard Johnson Canada

"Hello Rosanna,

I just wanted to let you know I received the 2 queen pillows and they are wonderful. Thank you again for you and your company's incredible display of customer service, communication and product. It is very rare these days and appreciated. I will always be inclined to use and recommend your company in the future."
Shayla Brandes

"RYT bedding products are terrific! Our customers really noticed the difference. It is like the difference between night and day. Thanks for your help."
Shawn Leon
Cranberry Resorts

"My wife and I are really enjoying our RYT pillow covers, the Pillowtop mattress pad and the waterproof mattress cover. They are awesome. They are very comfortable and the feel is excellent!"
Spence Robbins
Choice Hotels

"I slept on a RYT mattress topper at the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn and Spa and loved it. Please tell me how I can purchase one for my home."
Mary Jo

A gentleman in his 80's, who had a great deal of difficulty sleeping on his hard mattress, reluctantly tried an RYT Pillowtop mattress pad. Although he was originally skeptical, he called back one week later, so impressed with his sleeping experience that he bought another RYT Pillowtop mattress pad for his wife.
Between the Sheets

"One of our customers was so impressed with her RYT Pillowtop mattress pad, she bought a second one for her guest room, so her overnight guests could experience the same level of luxury and sleep comfort when they came to visit."
Between the Sheets

"I am loving the (pillow-top) RYT Pillowtop mattress pad and will recommend it to all our members and customers (bring it up) at the upcoming Western ROC."
John Dell'Elce
Director of Purchasing, Perferred Alliance Group

"I recently stayed at a nice resort on the central coast and enjoyed one of the best sleeps in a long time. The bed was like falling into a giant fluffy pillow. I had to look to see what was under the sheets. The reason for such a soft, fluffy feel was the mattress pillow top cover. I wrote down the name and went home and got on the web to find that cover. I ended up on the RYT web site and ordered one for my own bed! I had the pleasure of dealing with Rosanna from RYT and she was incredibly helpful. She made sure I got exactly what I was looking for and saved me some money in the process. This is a wonderful company to deal with: they go out of their way to make the customer happy.

The first night in my bed with my new pillow top was pure heaven!! It was exactly like the bed I stayed in at the resort!!

Thanks Rosanna for helping me so much. I will be watching for other products from RYT!! "
Melody Myrick

"I'm interested in purchasing a pillowtop conversion system for personal use. We stayed at the Howard Johnson in Victoria, where they are using your product, and had an excellent sleep......finding the pillowtop conversion system so comfortable. Could you let me know where I can purchase your product, in the Greater Vancouver area?"

Thanks so much!
Diane Hull

"Personally, I have never slept better. I have a new king bed with the most AMAZING pillows and pillowtopper ever! I used the duvet yesterday and at first I thought I would be too cold, but within moments there seemed to be this sort of heat shield surrounding me. It was fantastic. Everything I have is white, so it looked and felt like a cloud! Today would have been the perfect day to stay on my cloud and not come to work."

Simone Marie Reali

"We stayed at a Wingate by Wyndham this past weekend in Dallas Texas and they had a pillowtop mattress pad on the bed - kind of like a featherbed - and it was the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. Can we buy one on line from you? Many thanks."

Camelia Lott

"I was recently staying at the Metterra Hotel in Edmonton, and was very impressed by the comfort of the RYT mattress cover. Where could I purchase one in Canada (Ontario, preferably)?

Many thanks,


"The RYT mattress pads and pillows are amazing.I never would of believed that I would be sleeping in a hotel everynight. This is an amazing product."

Thank you,